The Tragic Circus of the Absurd

The government knew they had a slam dunk against R Kelly.

7 min readOct 1, 2021


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Let’s Kupata is Swahili for Let’s Get it! Oh yeah, I’m back with some more flames for your brain and some game that’s off the chain to blow other hack writing ass bloggers out the Gawd damn frame. Before I drop my literary madness on that ass, I like to shout out to all my blog Divas blog homies. I always give big props to all my megalomaniacs from all over the country who always give me much love and support with my blogs and books. Thank you so very much! Now to my super-hot button topic and the Don is going to drop it! I’m going to blaze all you people who do read and have some kind of fucking common sense.

I joke about people who chase UFO’s, the Dickhead, ghost hunters and doomsday preppers. Yet we come to find out the doomsday preppers were not as crazy as you thought they were after the Covid-19 pandemic when everybody ran out of toilet paper and food right? What I want to talk about that’s more bazaar than UFO chasers and ghost hunters is the entertainment industry. As you know by now unless you have been living under a rock that R. Kelly was found guilty on all charges in the racketeering and sex trafficking trial. He was convicted of eight counts of the Mann act violations where he can get ten years to life in prison.

Before I make my comments and my opinions in no way am I taking up for R. Kelly, but along with him taking advantage of fame-hungry young women and smearing doo-doo (shit) on their faces he was a very horrible person and a horrible boss. He treated all of the people that work for him horrifically.

What I want to know is why was he the only one that was on trial? Why were some of his so-called henchmen and flunkies that helped him do all this crazy shit that went on for years, not in a jail cell next to him? What about some of the parents of some of these Jane Doe’s is what they called them during the trial are not in jail as well?

What Is up with his defense team who did not jump on some of Jane Doe’s inconsistencies telling their story? Somebody told me a long time ago when I was going to court for my case against my job I got hurt on. Everybody inside of the courtroom comes to tell a lie; it’s just who can tell a better lie than the person on the other side that you’re fighting against.

Now everybody and their mother is on YouTube blogs Facebook and Instagram are clowning him big time with all kinds of jokes. I can’t front some of them are very funny but what is the shame is now everybody is piling on and picking the bones clean of his once super Star career.

Where are all the yes men and women who enabled him? Where are all the accountants and lawyers now that he has no more money, they cleaned him out of his loot over the years?

They knew he could not read and was too ignorant to know about any of his business affairs. I’m not saying this to feel sorry for him, not in any way. I am saying this about R. Kelly did a lot of this to himself as well. The more powerful he got, the evil inside of him grew and transformed him into a monster in the worst way.

I call this the Elvis and the Michael Jackson syndrome having so many people around you are telling you how great you are kissing your ass every hour on the hour. Beautiful women throw themselves at you and nobody is telling you when you crossed the line or telling you you’re doing something wrong. The obligatory yes men and women doing what every sick twisted thing you can think of. They are helping you get away with all of this horrible depravity. What most of these celebrities don’t know is when the shit hits the fan they will step out of the way and say they had nothing to do with all of this shit from the door.

Ask Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Woody Allen. Let’s face it everybody wants to be rich and famous with people seeing to all your wants and desires. Many celebrities say to themselves shit I worked hard to get where I’m at. I’m a genius to the world working hard at my craft-making people happy so I can do what I want to do. I tell people all the time fame does not fix the deep dark traumatic things that happen to you in your past. Fame makes all of that shit worst I had a deep conversation with my friend talking about R. Kelly’s tragic upbringing, coming up poor and uneducated all of that is true. Some people never heal from that but at one point in his life, he had to know with all of his fame and power he was committing unspeakable atrocities against people. He might have been ignorant, but you could not tell me he was not mentally capable of knowing what he was doing to them, young girls. Whether they were groupies or not. What’s really messed up is the last two Jane Doe’s was riding out with him doing that interview with Gail King from CBS news. As soon as the money ran out, they were gone and they went and cut a deal with the government in a blink of an eye testifying against him crying on the stand in dramatic fashion. I’m not saying what they had to say was not true but why did they choose to leave last?

The shame of it all is that it was not one real friend, brother, sister or auntie that could have stepped in and straightened his ass out before it was too late. It was all about the Benjamins in our stick society in the so-called free world cash is King and Queen and the answer to all of their dreams. The Mighty O’Jays said it best in their song Money. Some people do good things with it, some people do bad things with it.

We all need it to function in this materialistic world we all live in but as you know the things people do to get it to range from the fucking bazaar super strange to the brutal bloody derange and desperate.

This whole tragic circus of the absurd boils down to a slam dunk for the government against R. Kelly. The jury just listened to the prosecution like it was coming from Gawds lips to their ears. They never took into account all the inconsistencies of some of Jane Doe’s testimony. And it was a lot of them if you really kept up with the trial like I did. I’m not saying all the women were lying but some of them were to get back at the vicious manner he treated them. Locking them in rooms, they had to pee in cups and buckets for days on end. Facing the wall when other men came into a room and when he was playing basketball and making them go without eating food. And what about the two dudes he had sex with it. It went from pimpin hard on some young girls who could not think for themselves to a gay sex tape extravaganza at the drop of a dime.

Wow, R. Kelly was one BOF a big old freak. He had some of thes girls trained like most old school pimps handle their women back in the days go read the transcript you would not believe most of that shit he did to them. He punishes them for not listening to his every word and making them write letters he would dictate to them every word to write down. I know right now every movie company is lining up to talk to some of these Jane Doe’s this is a fucking drama jackpot for film & TV movies of the week.

Shit, the Life-Time network is licking their lips. Now that he is convicted, I like to ask where are all the videotapes he made with all these young women and men? What about his multimillion-dollar catalog? Who will control it? And who will benefit from all of the songs he wrote while he’s in prison?

Here is the kicker, he will not be sentenced until May 5th of 2022, so he has to sit in jail all that time until his next case comes up.

We love to build up people in the entertainment world to knock them down. This is the dark side of fame and it’s a shame he did not have one person or a friend to speak good about him in the end. After he brought all kinds of extravagant gifts, trips and showered them with money. I’m just upset with R. Kelly because the government loved every minute of taking him down and he helped them out to do it. He could have used the gift Gawd gave him to help others in the music world instead of his sick twisted self-serving dark fantasies. Now the Black community lost another great performer to some more crazy shit.




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